YRP10 on August 1 of this year

Yamaha Robotics, SMT Section announced today that the company will release the
new solder paste printer*ยน YRP10 on August 1 of this year.

The YRP10 is a new premium printer that achieves high-speed, high-precision solder
printing, fully automated setup changeovers, and also supports dual-lane production.

The Company has achieved the highest level of printing accuracy in the industry with
the adoption of the new-generation YR series platform with excellent rigidity, a 3S
head*ยฒ with new squeegee, and stencil vacuum mechanism, and the optimization of
printing conditions, etc. In addition, automation of setup changeovers, such as
automatic push-up pins and stencil replacement, greatly reduces labor and human
error when changing out products.

Moreover, a dual-lane specification that enables
completely independent operation for each lane can also be selected to flexibly
support a wide variety of type of production.

Yamaha_Datasheet_YRP10_EN Yamaha Motor Launches New YRP10 Premium Printer