Succes story // Ellage Electronics // Europe SMT

Ellage Electronics B.V. located in De Krim is an all-round R&D and assembly company. The organization was taken over by Erwin van Leussen MBA in January 2020. He is a real team player and knows a lot about Lean Six Sigma and how you can implement process improvements together with your employees, resulting in very satisfied customers.

At the beginning of this year, EUROPE-SMT met Erwin. After a number of discussions, this resulted in deliveries of a YAMAHA YSP screen printer, MG1 Pick and Place machine and the switch to the YAMAHA platform.

In finalizing the installation plan, Erwin, CEO of Ellage Electronics said: โ€œOn vacation I received a video of the team’s MG1 machine. The team was impressed with the machine’s performance and accuracy. Another sign to me that Ellage Electronics is on the right track.โ€

Loek Sinke, Service Manager at Europe SMT: โ€œEllage Electronics is a great company with a passion for electronics. The investment in the YAMAHA platform is a major step in terms of process improvement, speed and quality. Due to the short lines, the cooperation is experienced as very pleasant. A great start to a new collaboration”

We want to thank Erwin for trusting Europe SMT!