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Feeder repair

Feeder repairTo ensure high quality products for your customers, you need your production lines to be able to deliver high quality. Don’t let your SMT feeders be the weak link in your production process. SMT feeders are one of the pillars of your SMT process as they ensure the accurate delivery of parts to your end product. The Europe SMT feeder repair shop helps you maintain your SMT feeders at the highest level.

Repair, Refurbishment and Calibration

Malfunctioning, badly calibrated or broken smt feeders can be a very costly issue. If you ignore maintenance or caliberation you can end up having misaligned parts or even feeder jams which can end up in machine downtime, costing you a lot of time, effort and money. Our Feeder repair shop is experienced with a variety of eclectronics brands. We can help you with:

  • Feeder Calibration
  • Feeder refurbishment
  • Feeder repair

The process of our feeder repair shop

Test and Diagnosis
When your feeders arrive at our repair shop we first start with a full test and diagnose of each single feeder. There is a variety of issues which can cause your feeder to work improperly or malfunction. This way we can determine whether the feeder needs lubrication, calibration or even replacement parts.

Repair, lubrication and calibration
Once the analysis on your feeders is made we can start getting your smt feeders up to being part of your high quality production line again. We will make sure each feeder is fully tested after it’s been serviced by our repair shop.

Once all final checks are done your SMT feeders will be repackaged and sent back to you, ready to work.

Do you want more information on our feeder repeair shop? Please Contact us via our contact form, email us at or call us at  +32 14 724966