Surface Mount Technology

Surface Mount Technology is a process of mounting electronic components to the surface of the printed circuit board (PCB), as opposed to inserting components through holes as in conventional mounting. SMT was developed to reduce production costs and also to use PCB space more efficiently.

By means of this technique it is now possible to build very complex electronic circuits in ever smaller assemblies with good repeatability thanks to the technological developments in the machines.

YAMAHA is at the forefront of these developments.YAMAHA is one of the few able to offer a total line solution.

Succes Story // Sentron // Europe SMT

Sentron is a high-tech company that designs and manufactures high-quality pH sensors and pressure sensors.
Over the last months, Europe SMT and Sentron have investigated whether the placing of the Sentron High Accuracy & Precision Pressure
Die Series could be automated and with success.

Europe SMT has supplied an Emerald Xi with a special application. This machine ensures that the placement takes place faster, more accurately and with high repeatability. This results in a higher output.

Nice to hear how Erik Hartholt Manager Operations and Manager R&D at Sentron looks back on the project.

โ€œWe have experienced the cooperation with Europe SMT as good and very pleasant. Our project was professionally supervised from the choice of machine to the actual running of the machine on our work floor. Europe SMT was proactive and helpful on answering our questions.โ€

Europe SMT thanks Sentron Europe B.V. for trusting our company!