SMT programming

Simplified data import & conversion

Creating PCB programs efficiently YAMAHA YsUP software support you with easy import and data conversion to various known data formats like; CAD, Gerber, CAM, BOM, etc.
Customizing importers to support your common data is possible.

New parts and components can easily be implemented to a PCB program, with the option to add it to the Parts Database with ‘component teaching’ that is possible both inline and offline.

The PCB programs are used on and between YAMAHA SMT equipment; PrinterSPIPick & Place and AOI.


SMT programming

SMT programming supported by 3D visuals

The YsUP programming software enables the programmer to see a 3D visual of the PCB data he is working on. The 3D PCB visual is in real-time, based on the PCB design data, so program changes will appear on the 3D visual immediately.

The 3D PCB visuals will drastically improve programming efficiency, supporting creating creation of error-free component data and mounting.

We recommend working with two screens while programming; Screen A for programming and Screen B to see the 3D PCB visual is in real-time.

SMT scheduling  

Smart production planning

Production planning and operating processes can cleverly optimize multi-PCB production with the YAMAHA YsUP grouping optimizer.

Planned jobs in production schedule will be optimized on based on multiple PCB data

  • optimized in component group setup
  • mounting sequences setup for the most efficient production
  • optimized with production sequences by considering the PCB surface, reflow conditions, soldering type, and other detailed conditions based on multiple PCB data