Powerful module for very high production rates. One machine does it all!

The Topaz-X” places at rates up to 20k cph, and offers a wide component range, very high production rates and 35-micron accuracy at high speeds (on fine-pitch components).

15.4k / 20k cph (IPC 9850 / rated) 

01005 (0402) – 45 mm sq. (1.8” sq.) Fine Pitch 

Accuracy: 35 microns @ 3 sigma 

100 mm (4”) long connectors 

Centralized network database 

Max 90 reels & 120 trays 

On-machine inventory tracking 

Remote diagnostics

It handles components ranging from 01005 to large connectors (45mm x 100mm), fine-pitch QFP, BGA, PBGA and CSP packages, and components up to 11mm tall. The Topaz-X” holds up to 90 RFID-enabled smart feeders, or 160 twin tape-feeders, including stick and bulk parts. Its high-precision single-placement beam carries eight standard heads (SF), or four flying nozzle exchange (FNC) heads plus four standard heads (SF). 

Other features include: 

  • Optional tray handler that allows 120 trays without sacrificing 

board width or feeder positions 

Custom vacuum nozzles to handle any component 

  • Line array camera for primary alignment, assisted by a 

high-precision, on-the-fly co-planarity camera Board clamping system for stable board positioning and maximum placement accuracy (eliminates the need for tooling holes in the board).