Operational Services

Increasing your systems quality and reliability

An EUROPE SMT Operational Service contract allows you to get the best out of your system. The Preventive Maintenance Service is the basic service of this package. Your equipment will be regularly inspected and maintained by qualified EUROPE SMT personnel, leading to an improvement in your system’s quality and reliability. If customers’ needs more support, we can easily adapt to your needs.  The Operational Services Making life easier for you.

The whole range of possibilities:

  • Preventive Maintenance with Calibration: Regular, professional maintenance lengthens machine lifetime and optimize equipment performance. Includes discount on after sales orders for services.
  • Telephone Support Service: Enables most of all service and process related issues to be diagnosed remotely via telephone.
  • Corrective Breakdown Service: You will have a guarantee maximum spare part availability and quick response by highly skilled personnel in the event of emergency machine breakdown.
  • Response Time option: This is an add on option of the CBS and give you a guaranteed response time by field service engineer with parts and tools after machine breakdown.
  • Software Service: Providing you with the latest software version, including a helpdesk service during office hours.
  • Inspection Service: This is an Preventive Maintenance service for machines which makes a limited amount of running hours. (≤ 1000 running hours/year)

How it works

Preventive Maintenance is carried out during office hours and will take one till two days depending on the type of machine. This fast, thorough service causes a minimum of disruption to your production and ultimately leads to greatly reduced equipment down time. Before the intervention starts we will perform a pre-visit telephone consultation. All inspection or maintenance activities will be carried out with the supplier’s checklist and finalized with a Calibration (depending of the kind of equipment).

After the Preventive Maintenance is performed you will receive an extended written report with all details and improvement advise and the invoice for the consumed parts.
Optional on the Preventive Maintenance Service you can choose for extra services as mentioned