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Yamaha YS 88 (MC-8)

Yamaha YS 88 (MC-8)


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    Product Description

    Yamaha YS-88   also known as Assembleon MC8

    Vintage 2013

    incl ATS

    incl FES front side

    Applicable PCB L510 x W460 mm to L50 x W50 mm
    Through-put (Optimum) 8,400CPH (0.43sec/CHIP Equivalent)
    Mounting accuracy Absolute accuracy (,(.1+30) : +/-0.05mm/CHIP, +/-0.03mm/OFP
    (Yamahas’standarcdomponentsR) epeatability (30) : +/-0.03mm/CHIP, +/-0.02mm/OFP
    Applicable components 0402 (Metricbase) to 055 mm components,SOP/SOJ,OFP,connnector,PLCC,CSP/BGA,long connnector(W45mmor less)
    Odd-shaped components (such as special connectors) which requires pressing force control mounting (10 to 30N)
    Height of components which can be mounted: 25.5mm or less
    Allowable height on PCB surface before transport: 6.5mm or less
    Number of component types 90 types (Max, 8mm tape reel conversion)
    Power supply 3-Phase AC 200/208/220/240/380/400/416V ±10% 50/60Hz
    Air supply source 0.45MPa or more, in clean, dry states
    External dimension L1,665 x W1 ,562 (End of cover) x H1,445mm (cover top)
    <Note 6> L1,665 x W1 ,615 (End of guide for feeder carriage) x H1,445mm (cover top)
    Weight Approx. 1,650kg (Main unit only)


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