M2M communication standard for smart factories.


The A Standard Suite – Making SMT Assembly Lines Smarter

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The A Series of SEMI International Standards was developed to ease the connection and communication across the entire surface-mount technology (SMT) assembly lines. In today’s era of Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing, synchronizing communication at every stage, even between equipment from multiple vendors increases yields and quality.

SEMI SMT-ELS was proposed by the SMT assembly equipment suppliers and uses the general purpose advanced machine-to-machine interface SEMI A1/A1.1 as the base protocol. SEMI A2, or SMASH (Surface Mount Assembler Smart Hookup), is newly developed for SMT assembly line operations.  SEMI A3 is the Specification for Printed Circuit Board Equipment Communication Interfaces (PCBECI)

Benefits of SEMI SMT-ELS

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SEMI SMT-ELS provides higher level of connectivity and control capabilities of SMT assembly line including:

  • Host-equipment Communication
    • M2M Network setting
    • Production route setting
  • Inter-equipment Communication
    Direct communication between equipment which performs:

    • Immediate product change
    • Panel Data usage mode setting
  • Panel and Panel Data Transfer
    Object Oriented panel transfer which simultaneously transfers a panel with its data.

    • On Demand product change
    • Panel handoff exception handlings (Pause – Recovery)

SEMI SMT-ELS is highly extendable in its structure for the future requirements.

SEMI Standards used for SEMI SMT-ELS

SEMI SMT-ELS consists of the following SEMI Standards.

  • SEMI A3: Specification for Printed Circuit Board Equipment Communication Interfaces (PCBECI)
  • SEMI A2: Specification for Surface Mount Assembler Smart Hookup (SMASH)
  • SEMI A1: Specification for Horizontal Communication (HC) Between Equipment for Factory Automation System (PESCI)
  • SEMI A1.1: Specification for Media Interface for A Horizontal Communication (HC) Between Equipment

Published Standards are available through SEMIViews, the 24/7 access to all SEMI Standard documents.

Join SEMI Standards development activity

SEMI Standards are globally-recognized standards for microelectronics manufacturing, facilities, materials and other associated industries. The development process is open for those who are interested.

SEMI Standards Automation Technology (AT) committee and task forces meet regularly for development and improvement of the A Series. Involvement is open fall interested, but requires membership in the SEMI Standards Program. Register for membership or contact SEMI Staff at the contacts below.

SEMI Flow Manufacturing Forum 

SEMI Flow Manufacturing (FM) Forum provides collaboration opportunities for applying SEMI Standards. The forum is open for any users and suppliers of SEMI SMT-ELS suite. Contact SEMI Staff for the registration.