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72 mm itf feeder


Feeding is an essential backbone of the pick and placement process. With EUROPE-SMT providing not only the best in preowned feeders, but also finding that packaging and feeding method that fits your process the best, you can count on a smooth and care-free operating environment guaranteeing the highest machine uptime and the lowest cost of operation.

Prevention is always better than cure. That’s why it is particularly wise to make use of our preventative maintenance and calibration services. The EUROPE-SMT feedershop treats CL, FV, ITF, ITF2, ITF3, TTF and FS2 feeders. Our technicians repair, maintain and calibrate all types of feeders. We offer different contracts and services, giving you the plan tailored to your needs.

You can also buy feeders secondhand that have been repaired, maintained and calibrated by our technicians and engineers.We test each feeder with our analyzing and calibration tools, and ensure that your feeders arrive at your facility in excellent condition.

If you have any questions about our different services you can contact us at